The Island Royale Game Wiki has a set of rules in order to maintain everything in a proper manner. In order to prevent mischief, all users are strongly encouraged to read and understand the rules.

General Behaviour

  • Advertising Hacking/Phishing Sites are strictly prohibited. Do not post any links to such websites.
  • Impersonating a moderator or admin is a serious offence.
  • Ban Evading by using another account is not allowed. You may get a harsher punishment.
  • Vandalism is strictly prohibited. This includes, but it is not limited to, emptying pages, spamming or inserting false information.
  • Flaming/Shaming is strictly prohibited. Be nice to other people, avoid accusing and calling out other people, and discuss things calmly and appropriately.
  • Spoiling/Uploading Data-mined Content is not allowed. Do not post anything about unreleased items.
  • Excessive Useless Editing/Achievement-Farming is not allowed. This includes purposely making minor and negligible edits on articles.
  • Advertising a fake item is a serious offence. Do not use this Wiki to mislead players about items which do not actually exist.


  • Advertising is not allowed. Do not post any links to any social media site.
  • Do not provide false information. This includes non-existent items. Make sure to confirm information before inserting it.
  • Do not add useless categories to any page.


  • Do not upload other people's images without the original image owner's permission.


  • Advertising is not allowed. Do not post links to any social media sites or any Roblox profile.
  • Do not use the comments section to buy or sell any in-game items.
  • Do not talk about the content of the page, send a message to any staff member regarding problems with any page.
  • Be polite and nice to other people.

User Page

  • Do not edit other user's user page or blog.
  • Advertising is allowed only on your own user page, on message walls (without spamming) or in personal blogs.

For the penalty given for each rule, click HERE.