Map is one of the vital objects in the game. You can see 22 locations in the map. The image of the map can be shown on the right side of the page.

List of Locations


  • Intermission Island is not seen in the map.
  • Topsy Towers is usually the most crowded place. This is due to the many chests which can be found in the houses or the towers.
  • The volcano erupted in 6 october, 2018, causing the map to permanently change.


Current Locations
Inside Island

Lucky LandTought TownWonkey WillowsHopeful HillsideSliding SettlementFunky ForestMini MountainOuter OasisDirt DepotPleasant PlaceNeat NeighborhoodTopsy TowersCrummy CityFreaky FieldsHidden HavenTeaser TownVolatile VolcanoCalm CoveWashy WatersCrescent CovePewny PondRocky Rubble

Outside Island

Intermission Island