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Island Royale Wiki is a free encyclopedia of the game Island Royale in Roblox which anyone can edit.

Please be sure to thoroughly read the Contribution Guide before you begin editing.

From the 17th of May onwards, this wiki has 5,166 edits, 623 files uploaded, 2,155 pages, 448 articles, and 45 current active users!

About Island Royale
Island Royale is a game that was released by LordJurrd on the 3rd of March, 2018. The aim of the game is to get weapons and try to be the last person standing. The game was in testing, which cost 100 Robux, until 29/6/18 when it became free and entered the beta phase. People who bought the game for 100 Robux received the following items:

25,000 Bucks, an exclusive Lemon Injustice emote, and an exclusive T-Pose emote

LordJurrd himself was a developer before releasing Island Royale, meaning that many people have followed him. This may be one of the reasons why Island Royale is very popular right now. It is even gaining new players every day!

Unlike Fortnite, new codes will come out every update that allow a player to redeem bucks that function just like v-bucks in Fortnite. You can buy anything in the shop with bucks.

Bucks are the only currency in Island Royale.

Recent Featured Items
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the wiki official? Not for now.
  • 2.How do i become a mod or admin here? Just keep editing and editing, be active for months. (make sure your edits gives information). You can help us by inserting videos or images of articles or maybe just add more information! You will get promoted someday because the founder always keeps track of user edits. Begging is not tolerated and could result in a block.
  • 3. Do any staff here get paid by making the wiki possible? No. We don't get paid at all. Even if its just in-game currency. See, we are doing this because we love providing information for players, not because we hope to get paid.
  • Note
    Can't edit? That is because either you're not logged in or you don't have an account! Feel free to sign in or register here and start editing!

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